A 360⁰ perspective on solar sustainability

Sustainable Solar Europe 2024

Event Lounge Brussels, 12 December 2024

What can you expect at Sustainable Solar Europe 2024:

  • High level discussion and a Key Launch: Brace yourself for a captivating keynote speech as we unveil the 360-degree Sustainable Solar report, spotlighting actions across environmental, social, and governance fronts.   
  • New sustainability best practices of solar projects: Explore the agrisolar's cross-sector benefits, pioneering community engagement models and listen to our latest insights about biodiversity net gains in solar parks.  
  • Trends and innovation in sustainable supply chains: Dive into interactive sessions on reducing the carbon footprint of PV modules, extending PV lifespans through reuse, embracing the SSI Traceability Standard for transparent supply chains and innovating the European PV recycling.  
  • Recognition of Sustainability Leaders: Celebrate top sustainability performers in the solar sector at the European Solar Sustainability Award 2024, showcasing best practices and impactful contributions to communities, climate, and the environment. 

Join us at #SustainableSolarEU!

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Contact us

Zoe Lai

Head of Energy Industry Events / Bereichsleitung Energiewirtschaft-Events, Conexio-PSE GmbH

Katja Marxen

Projektleiterin, Conexio-PSE GmbH