A 360⁰ perspective on solar sustainability

Preliminary Programme 2024

The program for Sustainable Solar Europe 2024 is currently being prepared. You can look forward to:


Achieving supply chain transparency: Introducing the SSI Traceability Standard

  • completion of the SSI certification programme allowing product claims by the end of 2025 ahead of relevant EU legislation on supply chains (i.e. Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive and the Forced Labour Ban Regulation)
  • ESG Standard certified production sites
  • tools to trace and prove where solar products are made

Agricultural Best Practices: how can agrivoltaic projects provide cross-cutting benefits across renewable energy, agriculture and nature

  • discussion on the integral role of agrivoltaics for farmers
  • different types of agrivoltaic economic models
  • farming systems applied to business models

Prolonging solar lifetime through PV module reuse

  • market discussion on PV reuse in Europe
  • decommissioning, testing and preparation of modules for second life to a successful deployment of reused modules to a new site

How to lower the carbon footprint of PV modules and components: Sharing industry best practices

  • discussion on methods and strategies of lowering carbon footprint of PV modules and components
  • best practices based on the newest Solar Sustainability

From Brussels to the ground: how innovative models of engagement support communities’ empowerment

  • cities and local authorities as the perfect candidates to accelerate the energy transition
  • how to engage with local citizens to guarantee empowerment and public support for the energy transition
  • highlight collaborations (public + private sector) facilitating energy communities and collective energy actions: reducing the operational burden and guaranteeing sufficient local engagement

How can solar deliver biodiversity net gains

  • PV contributing to the EU nature restoration goals
  • EU decision-makers’ role in enhancing the scaling of nature-inclusive solar parks in Europe
  • assessing the different biodiversity net gain schemes and how to enhance the development of nature-inclusive PV

Closing the Circularity Loop: research and innovation challenges for PV recycling

  • resource efficiency through strong circularity strategies, encompassing reuse, repair, and material recovery from end-of-life systems
  • effectively recovering and valorising material from end-of-life PV
  • in-depth focus on material recycling challenges and best practices


Solar Sustainability Award 2024

SolarPower Europe’s Sustainability Award 2024 recognises top sustainability performers in the sector for their work to maximise the positive impact of solar on communities, the climate and environment. The Award aims to highlight and share sustainability best practices within the sector.   

Programme Sustainable Solar Europe 2023

Sustainable Solar Europe 2023 took place on 7 December 2023. You can view the programme here: 

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Were you unable to attend or missed a session?

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